Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who can register as Vendor

All the tour operators who condut tour or sell tour and have got a fixed inventory and price to sell online can register. He should be woking as per the applicable government rules.

How to log in to register my trips

If you are first time user then you have to sign up as a vendor / business. After that you can log in and enter your trips.

Can I accept online payment

Yes by registering with BYT you can display your trips and also send the booking link of your trips to your customers and accept online payment.

How many trips can I sell

There is no limit to the number of trips to sell online. You have to go to your login and make new trip for which ever trips you are operating.

How does a vendor know when the booking is done.

If a customer does a booking then the vendor and the customer gets the email confirmation of the booking with its details. A vendor can also log into his account and see the booking list which will give the list of all the bookings

How do I know the list of trips going for the trip tomorrow.

On the dash board of the vendor login there is button ‘ Tomorrow’s Trip’. You can get the list of trips that has been booked which are to be executed on the specific day. This list can also be exported ot excel file for  your office administration purporse